We own a large piece of prime seafront land on the Goring Gap here in Worthing. After we purchased the land in 2022, we found lots of historical information indicating previous generations had planned to build houses on the land. The only reason it didn’t happen was the outbreak of WW2. 

Most of the land at Goring Gap is owned by one of the UK’s biggest and best house builders, Persimmon Homes, and as far as we can see our local council and Conservative politician are doing everything in their powers to be as rude and insulting to Persimmon Homes as possible.

As a town we have a chronic shortage or council houses, affordable housing, starter homes and key worker homes. Instead of winding Persimmon Homes up we believe our council should respect our forefathers, who gave their lives for this great town, and work with Persimmon.

Only time will tell if ignorance can be replaced with social intelligence.

Our development will be built using a government approved housebuilding scheme. There will be 10 detached properties at approximately 15m wide, 40m deep, with rear access and no front drives to offer privacy and unspoilt views.  If you are interested in reserving a plot (£50,000) please use the contact form above.

See www.goringgap.co.uk and www.goringvillas.co.uk 

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