We manage a large portfolio of investment properties, ranging from offices, houses, flats, AirBandB and agricultural land. We hold Client Money Protection (CMP), Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI cover) and membership of a professional redress scheme (the Property Ombudsman T08850 https://www.tpos.co.uk

We have three basic rules for tenants, 1. Pay the rent. 2. Treat the property as your own home. If you want to paint a wall blue then paint a wall blue. If you want to put pictures up, put pictures up. But when you leave, please can we have the property back looking like it does today. 3. If you have a party please invite your neighbours. The means get on with your neighbours. By NOT micromanaging tenants and instead thoroughly vetting them before they are given keys you allow people to make the property their home. They will always pay their rent on time, look after the property and in most cases make excellent tenants. It is a system that works well for us and our landlords. 

Tip. When underwriting a tenant care less about the current landlord reference and more about the previous landlord reference. If a landlord wants a tenant out they will always give a glowing reference. 

Contact [ info at landmore.co.uk ] if you have any questions or we can be of any assistance.

LANDMORE is a UK registered trademark – UK00003117839

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