The dictionary says an Overlord is a person who is Lord over other Lords. 

We help investors become sucsessful Landlords, we manage tenants and associated people needed to maintain the portfolio; plumbers, electricians, referencing agencies etc. 

Over the years we have helped many Landlords, from all walks of life, make successful property investments and we have filled these properties with great reliable tenants.  

Through our sister company Property Financial Management we have help with the finance when needed and through our extensive network of Estate Agent contacts we have helped with the aquesition

Our tenants are great people and their properties are their homes. The properties are legally the Landlords but they are legally the tenants home. As long as they abide by the terms of their tenancy agreement, pay the rent on time, maintain the property and get on with their neighbours it is their home. We do not micro manage tenants.

Most of our portfolio is made up of first time buy-to-let investors/Landlords. As we manage the investment, the landlord and the tenants we are in effect Overlords.

This is why we chose the name Overlord for the training program. Why a training program? Why pass on our trade secrets and train up potential competition?