In the words of Chris Dixon, our founder.

When I was four my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I had two younger brothers (they didn’t muck about in those days!) and as part of her treatment she underwent chemotherapy. All her hair fell out and I remember myself and my brothers being told off for playing with her wigs. In order to look after us my father (who still had to work in order to keep a roof over our heads and put food on the table) had to borrow money from my uncle in order to hire a nanny, aunty Mary. She was not like Mary Poppins!  My mother survived and went on to see all of her boys marry and she now has 5 grandchildren. She is alive today.

We believe passionately in protection.  We believe anyone who has a young family needs protection. We believe anyone with a mortgage should have protection. Protection, in the scheme of everyday life, is cheap. The safety net it provides is essential and it will buy you peace of mind.

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