Whether you’re applying for a mortgage for the very first time, you need to remortgage and raise some money or you simply want to switch to a new deal we can help. We are whole of market mortgage brokers, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (791561). This means we represent all the banks in the intermediary market place.

We have access to some amazing software. We also have access to the Government Land Registry services and tools that can accurately value your property. Together we can agree the current value of your property and make sure you are on the best loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage deal. For example, if you have done any home improvements since you purchased the property, painting and decorating for example, this this may have increased the value of your property beyond what a banks computer will forecast its value.  

Why would you use a mortgage broker? Why not go direct?

We have many customers whose demographic profile range from first time buyers in their 20’s to elderly property investors in their late 80’s. Our job as your mortgage broker is to treat you fairly, a cornerstone principal of the FCA and to always try and find you the most appropriate mortgage deal. Approximately 85% of all our customers take a fixed rate mortgage and part of our ongoing service, to existing mortgage customers, is to review their mortgage when their current deal is coming to an end. We generally provide customers with two options, stay with their existing lender and take a new mortgage deal with them or go out into the open marketplace and find a new deal with a new lender.

99% of the time the number one priority for a customer is to save money.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. info at landmore.co.uk

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